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Portable Baby Bed

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When we are travelling, toddlers bear the burden of the journey in terms of discomfort. This largely because they are yet to understand ways of making themselves comfortable in such journeys.

A portable baby bed, however, is a real game-changer that can allow you to give your baby the comfort that he or she needs even when you move to another place or at work.

If you have ever had challenges on how to position your baby when changing his or her diapers, you will appreciate the design of this portable bed. It allows for a small raise of the abdomen to make changing the diapers quite easy.

The bed’s design ensures that your baby does not spit milk once you have fed him or her. We all know just how tasking this can be especially if you are not at home with the toddler.

The portable bed has a soft feel with memory pillow, and additionally, it is washable. This gives you the peace of mind that you can maintain its cleanliness without much hassle.

The Baby Bed measures 22 inches in length and 15 inches in width.

Make your baby comfortable as your travel.

  • It's Portable – With one of these, you can carry it easily to different locations that you go to with your baby. This allows you to easily lay the child to sleep wherever you are with him or her.
  • It's Comfortable – Give your baby the much-needed comfort that allows him or her to nap while away from his or her bed. With this portable bed, your baby will not notice that it is away from home.
  • More than just sleep – Aside from just sleeping, this portable bed is made in such a way that it allows you to change the baby’s diapers with ease. A raised end allows you to raise the baby’s abdomen for a quick diaper change.
  • No milk spit – The design of the portable bed is such that your baby will not spit milk after you are done feeding.
  • Perfect for massage – Are you looking for a way to give your child quick massages and with much ease? Then this portable bed is the perfect companion to have with you.

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