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Baby Hooded Towel

Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
Baby Hooded Towel
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Product image 2Baby Hooded Towel
Product image 3Baby Hooded Towel
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Baby Hooded Towel - Bamboo Baby Towel - Organic Bamboo Towel - Infant Towels - Large Bamboo Hooded Towel - Baby Bath Towels With Hood For Girls, Babies, Newborn Boys, Toddler (Lamb)

The Perfect Baby Hooded Towel For Everyday Use 

As parents, we understand that finding the perfect towel that last a long time is not easy. So we specially designed and made our KeaBabies Hooded Towel to be durable enough for everyday wash and also keeps baby dry and warm after bath.

Make Parenthood Less Stressful

When our babies catch a cold and fall sick after bath, it makes us parents feel really worried. Our KeaBabies Baby Hooded Towel uses premium bamboo fibres that 3X faster absorption and 2X more absorbent than normal cotton towels, which helps to keep you baby dry and warm after bath. With integrated hooded design, you can cover your baby's head right after bath or use it as a normal bath towel.

Taking Care Of Baby's Skin

Infants are prone to eczema, dry skin or saliva rashes, and it may be painful for your precious little one if it is not well taken care of. Using bath towels that are not soft enough and are chemically processed or bleached, may worsen your baby's skin conditions. Choosing the right baby bath towel is important. Our KeaBabies Bamboo Towel is the super soft, organic and 100% baby safe bath towel for all kinds of skin conditions, giving you a peace of mind. Definitely a must-have for all smart mommies!

Basked In Love

Brace yourself for cuteness overload. The cute bear ears will transform your cute little baby boy or girl into the most adorable and cuddly baby bear ever!

Highly Raved By Mommies!

At KeaBabies, we take pride in bringing modern parents premium quality baby products.

  • MADE TO LAST - We know that babies grow up too fast and small towels just don't fit within a few months and poorly made towels break too easily. That's why, we made our Baby Hooded Towel with a generous size of 35"by 35" so our KeaBabies Hooded Towel is able to accompany your baby from newborn to up to age of 5-6 years old. Our Baby Towel is made with high quality stitching and premium quality thick bamboo fibre (500GSM), that is machine washable and lasts for years.
  • WHY BAMBOO? - Most infants suffer from eczema, sensitive skin or saliva rash due to excessive drooling, normal baby towels are too rough for use on baby and may make the rash or eczema worse. Bamboo is an all-natural fibre that doesn't go through harsh bleaching process which is harmful to baby's skin. Definitely a must-have hooded baby towel for your precious little one.
  • 3X FASTER ABSORPTION - As parents, we are constantly worried that our babies will catch a cold after bath time and our toddlers always struggle to run off before getting dried. Our KeaBabies Bamboo Baby Towel absorbs water 3X faster and 2X more absorbent than normal cotton towels, this makes drying baby easier and quicker, leaving baby dry and less prone to catching colds.
  • PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT - Baby Towels are essentials for all families with babies, toddlers or kids. Parents will definitely be very happy to receive this gift as it is both useful and cute for their baby. Package comes with a cute gift box with a personal touch.
  • LARGE 35" by 35" - You baby is growing very fast each day and most towels do not last a few months. We made our hooded towel large enough to last your baby up to 6 years old. Cover up your newborn without any exposure with the excess fabric and never leave their toes feeling cold. 

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