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TheOnMom Waterproof SmartWatch For Kids

When we talk about parenting, oh the fear, the anxiety, the thrills, the excitement, and lots more. Sometimes your kid would drag in some dirt calling it a toy, given one of those superhero names. Other times, your kid is playing in a place you have no idea, with people you don’t know and all you get to do is be hopeful that everything goes well. It is hectic, that much I can guarantee you.

What if I tell you that I feel more at ease these days? I’m no longer always worried, with my heart skipping beats and balls of sweats forming on my face because I can’t guarantee my child’s safety. One of my friends introduced me to TheOnMom Waterproof SmartWatch For Kids and this is what is responsible for the peace I feel when my child is not around me.

As I said, it is a smartwatch so of course, your child will be able to tell the time with it, but it can do so much more.

Here’s how I use it; there’s a GPS tracker in it which I use to monitor my kids’ movements. I get to see the routes my kids take every day so when there’s an unusual change of route, I know. Now, I don’t have to panic immediately this happens, instead, I can call my son or daughter (anyone of them that changed route) on the smartwatch and confirm if everything is alright.
And if you travel for a while, it has a track replay feature that you can replay to see all the routes your child took in the last 30 days.

The smartwatch comes with a Fence feature that you can set up for an area, so once your child leaves the area within the fence, you get alerted. You immediately know that your child has left the vicinity and you can go after him or her immediately. Or you can simply chat him or her up to ask what they’re doing. Best not to let your kids know that you’re monitoring their movements so you don’t make them look ”uncool”.

It also comes with an SOS button that your child can long-press for 3 seconds and the smartwatch will call family contacts that have been registered on it. So that means you have to save your phone number and maybe two more family phone numbers on the smartwatch for emergency reasons.

I also like the Remote Listen feature, it allows me to listen to what my child is saying or hearing, so if anyone tries to bully my child while I’m not there, I know who they are and what they said. Or if an adult tries anything unusual with my child, I get to hear it immediately.

I talked about calling my kids on their smartwatch above, yes, TheOnMom SmartWatch can use a sim card. Basically, you can call your child on it and your child can call you with it. This will let you keep in touch and when you are worried, you can call to confirm whether or not your child is safe. While the smartwatch can receive calls, not anybody can call it, you can block strangers from calling your kids, this also includes telemarketers. Your child is completely protected from unknown people.

My children enjoy the fact that they can add their friends who also use TheOnMom Smartwatch and chat with them through it. Of course, parents can chat with their kids as well and we don’t need to own an Smartwatch to do that. I installed an app called Setracker on my phone (it works with both Android and iOS) and that’s what lets me do all the monitoring, tracking, listening in and keeping in touch.
My kids are always fascinated with the waterproof attribute of the smartwatch, they brag to their friends that their smartwatch would still be alright in water before diving into a swimming pool.
TheOnMom Smartwatch is very much like a smartphone but handier than a smartphone and less conspicuous – people won’t suspect that a wristwatch can do all these. However, you never have to worry about your child using it at all times instead of focusing in class, you can save your kids’ timetable on the smartwatch. You can also turn off the smartwatch remotely.

It has a camera, an alarm clock, health pedometer, encyclopedia, and lots more features that you have to see for yourself. TheOnMom Smartwatch gives me the assurance that everything is fine and I don’t need to worry, I know it would do the same for you.
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