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TheOnMom Portable Baby Bed

If you’re a new mother like me, you’re probably feeling all kinds of emotions; love, fear, uncertainty and lots more. I know I can’t relate on all levels but I totally understand. Since I had my baby, one of my greatest worries borders around how to be the best mother to him. How to give him proper care and let him feel my love in the way I treat him, all the while making sure that I don’t lose myself like most mothers often do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in giving your all to your baby but sometimes you want to be able to still have some freedom to do other things.

So, like most mothers, one of the issues that gave me a lot of worries for the most time I’ve had my baby was how to give him the comfortable rest he needs. Yes, he gets to sleep in his cot at night and usually every time we are in the house. The question is, what about other times that we are not in the house? What about times when we are in transit? How do you ensure your baby still get the best rest in a comfy bed without you having to monitor him/her all the time? To answer the questions, there isn’t much that can be done, well, not until I was introduced to TheOnMom Portable Baby Bed. And like the story goes, it changed my life and that of my baby – he now gets better rest when we’re not at home. He gets comfortable rest anytime anywhere we are.

Besides the fact that this portable baby bed made it more comfy for my baby to sleep, there are other amazing benefits that you would surely appreciate as a parent. It is well-shaped in such a way that makes it super easy to change my baby’s diapers whether he is awake or sleeping. The bed is designed to be higher around the baby’s lower body, so that the legs are more elevated, therefore making it easier to remove diapers. This is something I truly appreciate, especially because as a new mother, changing diapers without disturbing my baby’s sleep was important to me. I also like that it makes it easier for me to change his diapers without soiling the bed because as I said, the bed design is functional and convenient.

Babies would spit milk, right? That’s one of their things to do, but this should not happen at all times and if you can reduce the number of times your baby spit milk every day, why wouldn’t you do that? The Portable Baby Bed is designed to be elevated on the lower body while it’s more flattened around the baby’s head. When I put my baby on the bed after feeding, he doesn’t spit his milk, I really enjoy this benefit — cos you know, babies need all the nutrient they can get. Spitting food is a waste of effort on my part as a parent, while it deprives my child of his meal and of nutrient, so goodbye to that.

Massages are much needed to help relax your baby’s bones and joints, since they don’t do anything all day. TheOnMom Portable Baby Bed makes it all the more better – your baby is automatically well-positioned on the bed due to the design of the bed, whether she/he is sleeping or not.

The makers of this comfy bed know that we’d like to be carrying the bed around and this can make it get dirty quickly unlike regular permanently stationed bed, so in compensation for that, they made it super easy to clean. I only wash it whenever it is soiled or stained, it doesn’t get easier than this. The material is soft and obviously good quality, so it feels fresh like new any time I wash it.
Other amazing benefits I like about this portable comfy baby bed is that the material is soft on my baby’s skin. It doesn’t irritate him – you know how that would make any baby cry. Also, it is easy to pack, I take it along with me when I’m travelling, really when I go to any place. I know you would like that as well.

I know this isn’t much but this Portable Baby Bed has given me the fulfillment that I’m doing the right things for my baby. He sleeps so sound, his joints and bones are always relaxed, he doesn’t spit milk as much as he used to. This bed is a lifesaver, my baby enjoys his time while I also enjoy mine. So, my gift to y’all parents is to get this comfy portable bed for your babies. I had an amazing experience with this product and I’d like you to should check it out.

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