Support Your Child's Development With These 3 Toys For Creativity –

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Support Your Child's Development With These 3 Toys For Creativity

Support Your Child’s Creativity Through Toys

Toys for creativity, education and child development are specially designed to encourage children to use their cognitive skills and imagination. From problem-solving to learning how to grasp objects, build a solid structure and create something unique, your child’s creativity and imagination needs to be nurtured from an early age.

Children over the age of two years old are already starting to outgrow their toybox and now need toys that promote physical and imaginative play. Artbooks, craft sets and musical instruments help children to practice writing, reading, painting, designing and listening, whereas bicycles, scooters and sports equipment used outside the home, will educate children about potential dangers such as roads, moving vehicles and strangers. These toys for creativity and education are not only fun but also essential for child development.

From developing social skills and learning how to make friends, to working on their language skills and understanding how to run, jump, ride a bike and dance. Creativity and imaginative playtime is key to emotional strength, dexterity and cognitive development, but the toys you choose to buy could also help your child to become more creative later in life.

child creativity

The Importance Of Creative Play

Children are taught facts about the world around them. From mixing red and blue to make purple to learning how to count, and these rules are often prioritized over encouraging creativity and imagination. However, the ability to think outside the box, solve problems and come up with fresh ideas are highly valued later on in life and often associated with entrepreneurs and business owners. So to give your child all the support and encouragement they need to become a well-rounded and creative person, here are 3 toys to spark their imagination.

Child playing piano

1: Grand Piano For Child Development

This beautiful grand piano, specially made for children, will help your son or daughter improve and practice with listening and fine motor skills. For little musicians in training, it will help to stimulate their mind and indulge their love of music. This is also a wonderful choice if you want to spend more quality time with your child and create memories that last a lifetime. You’ll be surprised how fast your child will learn to play the piano since these precious years are when children can absorb information and learn new skills with ease.

2: Clay Modelling Set For Creativity

Sculpt, shape and build with our air-dry clay modelling set for children. As one of the best toys for creativity, watch as their imagination runs wild and they come up with their own storylines, scenes and architectural masterpieces. Whether they make a monster, pyramid, garden or tower, encourage your child’s creativity with this complete clay modelling kit.

This toy comes with a free tutorial booklet with 120 modelling projects to try. Rainy days at home have never been so much fun! With professional-grade air dry clay, this kit is suitable for children over 8 years old and will nurture their imagination.

Child learning time management

3: Time Management & Tech

Part of growing up is learning how to navigate the world around you. From using a map while out on a treasure hunt to telling the time, there are many life skills that children need to learn to stay safe and become more independent as they get older. Part of child development is time management and becoming responsible for their actions.

One of the best ways to teach your child the value of time is by giving them a watch. Our waterproof kid’s smartwatches will allow your kid to keep track of time and become more responsible for their own actions. If your son or daughter plays outside, by giving them a watch to wear, you can ask them to come home at a certain time and reward them for doing so. This will help them to listen, remember and become more responsible while learning how to tell the time, and figuring out how much time they need to get home.

If you’re always worried when they go out on a bike ride with friends or go to the park without you, you’ll be pleased to know that you can also keep track of your children using our kid’s smartwatches. With GPS tracking technology built-in, you’ll always know where your child is and if they don’t return on time, you’ll be able to pinpoint where they are, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our waterproof smartwatches for kids also have WIFI and voice micro chat to allow parents to communicate with their child at any given point. So, let your child use their imagination and creativity to explore the great outdoors, without the fear of them going missing.

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